Latest work
Glocal Energy
Viale Elena,12
80044 - Ottaviano (NA) - Italy
Phone: +39 081.5109348
Fax: +39 081.5109949
Glocal Energy develops projects and services of electrical engineering for photovoltaic systems and follow all the fases:
  • Research the land surface and roof-top with identifying possible connection to the grid
  • Preliminary acquisition of surface rights
  • Economic analysis for the feasibility of the project
  • Request the TICA to the Grid Operator
  • Preliminary design
  • Reports specialist needed (geological, soil, noise, electromagnetic screening/cable environment, agricultural plan, landscaping, plumbing compatibility, etc.).
  • Start authorization process
  • Authorization works for the connection to the grid
  • Executive design
  • Paperwork for filing the application to GSE to get incentives
  • Paperwork for filing the application to GRID Operator to get connection to the Grid
In partnership with specialized companies dealing with high and medium voltage which are able to offer a complete service for the process of obtaining authorization of TICA, design and connection to the Grid.